Energy Production

If your city would like to install its own solar to cut some of the cost of retail energy we can install systems designed for this purchase and have experience with large contracts of this nature.

Community Solar

If your goal is to create local economic growth community solar is a great option. With Net Metering your city can designate one location for solar installations and people can build these systems at a predetermined location with infrastructure already in place and price.

Lease Options

We have very attractive lease programs availabl only to public projects which will greatly benefit them and usually leads to lower costs and faster returns.

Public Projects

We develop larger projects intended for public customers. We know that not every situation has the same solution. We have several options to go green or to generate revenue.

We can design these projects to be of any size. Whether the goal is to make government buildings energy efficient, creating community solar gardens, or to offset energy costs.

We are happy to discuss options as well as to create proposals for boards, councils, or any other body as well as to provide educational materials on any projects we participate in.

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