Why Choose First Nebraska Solar?

We are a company that specializes in making it possible for different groups or individuals to integrate solar energy into their organizations and lives. We are known for ability to navigate the complicated process of establishing new solar power. We have a proven track record and have been used by non-profits, local governments, small businesses, farmers, and many others for our expertise.

What makes First Nebraska really stand out in the field of solar energy is the practical knowledge we have gained on how to get things done and done correctly. We have worked on projects of all sizes and from this experience we know how to handle your specific situations in order to make our services some of the best you will be able to find. Our experience in the solar energy field, government regulations, and our financial background means that you will have the best possible resources near at hand.

We have helped set up more than 2.65 megawatts of energy since 2015 and we are committed to helping establish as much solar power as possible.


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